Sisyphus Rock 100 is here!

Backflag Sisyphus 50ml Tester Bottle


Hey Hong Kong climbers! Exciting news!

Rockfun is launching the second Sisyphus Rock 100 Contest again from Feb. 13th to Apr. 12th. To support this exciting bouldering contest, all participating climbers will receive a 50ml tester bottle of Backflag Liquid Chalk with a special label exclusive to this event!

The Top 10 Male and Female climbers will each receive a full sized 200ml bottle of our liquid chalk at the end of the event!

Before you say - hey, I've heard liquid chalk ruins the holds on real rock! - Backflag Climbing Liquid Chalk is absolutely additive free - that means no rosin is going to get deposited on to the holds at Sisyphus, or any other boulders you might be working on.

Hope everyone climbs hard, and most importantly, has lots of fun during the contest. 💪